7 roulette variations you might not heard of!

Roulette is a French Word. In French, it means Little Wheel. In the game, players tend to bet on numbers, colours, or a combination of them. The number too can be a single one or a group. Odd and Even number, High or Low number – everything matters in the game.

When it comes to casino games, Roulette is one of the most famous among the lot. The game is easy, does not have many rules. However, to keep things interesting people from different countries have their own version of the game.This is an exciting fact for those who look for a twist in the game every time they play.Online pokies Australia are utterly engaged in Roulette. Discussing below are some variations of the game that are lesser popular. Hope the article helps.

Alphabetic Roulette

Well, makeover the game by replacing the numbers on the wheel with alphabets. Break the monotony.Not enough? Well, we have got colours as well.So with a curious combination of alphabets and colours, you get a lot to bet on. There is not a single person who will be bored in this type of Roulette. Also, it may look like too much in the beginning – but only gets fun with time.

Back 2 Back Roulette

For those who believe in simplicity and swag, this variation is a paradise for them. Simply place bets back to back. Who wins? The player who gets same number twice is the winner. Easy-peasy. Get playing this one right now.

Diamond Roulette

Do you think there is a lack of colours in your life? Well, Diamond Roulette can help you bring some. Other than black and red, this variation has a plethora of colours the players can bet on.

Double Action Roulette

Well, added an extra edge to the standard Roulette. This game has two wheels. Yes, you read it right. There are two wheels in the form of concentric circles, so every spin gives two numbers. The bets are more interesting, the calculation of pay-outs is also sexier. This game is heaven for those who cannot satiate their thirst with regular Roulette.

Double Ball Roulette

After two wheels, we got two balls as well. In case of outside bet, both the balls should land on same number. In case of inside bet, it is easier to settle things with either ball hitting the right number. Just like Double Action Roulette, Double Ball Roulette is also for those who like some extra edge to the wheel games they play.

Rapid Roulette

This version is all about going digital. The chips are on the table, but the bets are placed through an electronic interface. Although the process is expedited through the technology involved, the game lacks feel in this variation. With time, this variation is becoming famous, since there are lesser chances of errors when things are digital.

Hope you find this article worth your time. Now get back to playing Roulette again.